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Ancient Languages Typeface Bundle

An incredible bundle of 3 ancient language typefaces: Cuneiform, the first system of writing in human civilization; Elder Futhark the language of the Vikings; Hieroglyphs, the language of the Egyptian people. These languages have been brought back from the past and made into fonts to bring your projects to life with authenticity. This typeface is perfect for logos, monograms, titles, games, posters, and more. These languages are very old and - although as accurate as possible - is by no means a perfect translating tool.

The cuneiform typeface contributed to multi-award-winning designs as shown here

Included are 7 EPS vector files and 5 PNG files of various ancient symbols as a bonus and as a thank you.

Please let me know of your ideas to improve upon the typeface as I am always looking to create something that will benefit you in your projects.

Thank you for your purchase! Enjoy!
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Use This Add-On For.
  • Commercial Use
  • Unlimited number of Projects
  • Unlimited End Products For Sale

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