460 Creative Collection of Photoshop Actions - Volume 3

How to Install Actions
1. Open your downloaded folder or file and navigate to the actions file. It will end in the .atn file extension.
2. Double-click the .atn file and then open Photoshop.
3. Now the set of Photoshop actions should show up in the actions panel and should be ready to use.
Geometric Effects

1. Please open your downloaded folder.
2. In this folder you have 2 geometric patterns files
3. Please double click on geometric file and it will be installed automatically
4. And then please doubler click on action file to install, this will automatically installed all the actions at once.
5. Now please open your image in photoshop
6. Please convert your image layer to background from
Layer > New > Background from layer
7. Now please run geometric action
8. Now open group folder
9. Please activate pattern effects, and then please double click on pattern overlay effect and choose geometric effect from pattern which you want to apply on your image.
10. The Photoshop Actions require Adobe Photoshop CS6 or later.
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