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1243 Ink Stroke Brushes for Photoshop

You might have never come across a huge, exceptional, and unmatched set of Ink stroke brushes before. So, we have made these 1243 hand-made brushes to satisfy your design needs. All you need is this set if you want to add ink stroke details and textures.

These brushes are perfect for digital paintings, graphic designs, web designs, graphic printing, textile designs, apparel, home decor, packaging multiple varieties of products, or adding a flair to your brand. The only limit is your imagination!

This set includes a variety of brushes to provide different strokes you want for your designs.

Features of this set:
  • These are handmade brushes dried on paper then processed in photoshop and presented to you.
  • These brushes are high resolution and add realistic details to the design.
  • You can play with all the colors while using this set to match your brand or project without losing quality.
  • You only need a basic knowledge of Photoshop to use these brushes.

  • Please note that these mock-ups have been tested on all the versions of Photoshop. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you need any help in using this product at

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    Use This Add-On For.
    • Commercial Use
    • Unlimited number of Projects
    • Unlimited End Products For Sale

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